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Losing Weight While Taking Insulin

2013-11-13-low1nobranding.jpg He's set a 20-pound weight loss goal over 20 weeks, by Nov. 1 Erin Clinton Erin handles PR and loves all things food -- cooking, baking, eating, and drinking. Working at Cooking Light is a pretty sweet gig, even if it comes with some occupational hazards (you can have one too many bites or sips!). When shes not writing press releases and pitches, shes in her Max Workouts home kitchen with her husband cooking and baking up a storm. All Cooking Light recipes, of course! Allison Fishman Task Allison is a contributing editor to and spokesperson for Cooking Light magazine. 2013 is a big year for her; gym on Valentine's Day she check this out became mom to two delicious baby boys, and in October, she'll be birthing Lighten Up, America, a cookbook she wrote in collaboration with Cooking Light.
Full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cooking-light/diabetes-weight-loss_b_4267226.html

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