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Xbox Fitness Has 1.5m Users, May Go Mobile

MicrosoftStudiosgeneral manager for Lifestyle EntertainmentDave McCarthy told Polygon that launching Xbox Fitness as one of the first apps on the http://www.cavitazioneami.com/wood/the-jbss/ new console was part of a strategy to try to re-define the home fitness space. The key reason for getting Fitness out day one on the Xbox One launch was really to do something different in that space, he said. We learned a lot from our website forays into this space and our competitors. Our strategy is to take entertainment you love and make it better. We thought wed make a mark on day one, even with an early adopter audience. The early numbers bear that out. He also said the next step will be taking Xbox Fitness onto other platforms like smartphones, tablets, or PCs, hoping to provide a consistent experience across our devices. This could involve making use of the Kinect 2 for Windows, which Microsoft began shipping previews of to developers in December .
Source: http://mobihealthnews.com/29402/xbox-fitness-has-1-5m-users-may-go-mobile/

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